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Livestock Insurance - Cattle Specific

When people think about farming, they often think about the land, crops, and animals. But there’s more to it. Just like any other business, cattle farming faces challenges and risks. That’s why there’s something called livestock insurance. This insurance is specially designed for cattle farmers, acting as a safety blanket during tough times.

Livestock Insurance coverages your cattle operation should consider:

America is built on farming. Our nation’s agricultural industry keeps our communities strong and helps us grow. At Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency, we recognize the importance of protecting your farm. It’s not just a job, it’s your life.

Since 1915, we have proudly served farms throughout Garrettsville, Hiram, Windham, Mantua, and Portage County, Ohio. We take every client’s farm personally, and work with them to craft personalized insurance policies that offer the highest level of protection for the best price.

After all, you’re not just a customer. For us, you’re like family.

You can expect professional, friendly service with agents who have more than 65 years of combined experience to support you and your farm. We invite you to learn about the coverages we offer, and how we can help you take care of your property.

Livestock Mortality

Life on the farm can be unpredictable. Like all living beings, cattle can fall ill or get into accidents. So, that’s where Livestock Mortality insurance comes into play. It’s life insurance for cows. This coverage becomes especially vital for farms that have special or expensive breeds. When a valuable cow gets sick or dies, this insurance helps the farmer manage the loss, ensuring the farm runs smoothly.

Livestock Transit

Now, think about moving day. For cattle, moving from one place to another has its challenges. Roads can be bumpy, the weather can turn sour, or a truck might break down. Any of these things can stress or harm the cattle. Livestock Transit insurance is like a shield against these risks during transport. This means that if a problem arises during a cattle move, the insurance steps in to help out.

Standard Peril Livestock

Even when the cattle are grazing or resting, nature can throw curveballs. There can be a flood, a wildfire, or even an earthquake without warning. These events are scary and can seriously harm the cattle and their land. Standard Peril Livestock insurance is there to be a hero during these times, offering protection against these unexpected natural disasters. Farmers can face Mother Nature’s challenges head-on with this insurance and bounce back quickly.

Cattle Herd Buy Back

Sometimes, a big portion of a herd might be lost due to diseases or natural disasters. This is heartbreaking for farmers. Suddenly, they find themselves with fewer cattle and wonder how to rebuild. That’s where the Cattle Herd Buy Back insurance comes in. It provides the money to buy new cattle, acting like a helping hand in tough times. It ensures the farm doesn’t stay down for long and can return to normal faster.

Business Interruption Insurance

Imagine a machine breaking down in a factory, and production stops. Similarly, certain events can pause a farm’s usual workings. Maybe a disease hits the cattle, or a barn gets damaged. Money might become tight since the farm isn’t running as usual. But there’s hope! Business Interruption Insurance steps in, helping cover some of the money lost during these breaks. It’s like a friend that helps you out when times are hard, ensuring that farmers can keep their doors open and get back on their feet.

Liability Insurance

A farm is a bustling place. People come and go, and cattle roam around. But what if someone gets hurt on the farm? Or what if a cow finds its way onto a public road? These situations can lead to legal problems. Liability Insurance is the farm’s defender against these troubles. It helps farmers handle any unexpected legal issues, ensuring the farm’s reputation and finances stay safe.

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Securing Your Herd's Future

Cattle farming isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life for many. And like all valuable things in life, it’s essential to protect it. With the right insurance, farmers can rest easy. They know they have a safety net no matter what challenges come their way. By understanding the different types of farm insurance out there, cattle farmers make sure their hard work, dedication, and passion for their herds have a secure future.

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Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency will work with you closely to understand your needs and make sure you’re properly protected.

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