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Nirosky’s Morning Star Farm | local farm since 2007

At Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency we are very proud of our relationships with our local business community. We want to share with you some of the local businesses that help make the community great! Our first Spotlight Local Business is Clem and Carol Nirosky’s Morning Star Farm; located at 8433 Slagle Road; Windham, OH 44288.
Three cows of brown and white color are eating from a silver food bin placed in front of a red barn with green grass visible in the background.

Clem and Carol upon help from Don and Dennis Wolff embarked on starting their own blueberry farm from scratch. The Nirosky’s have been a “You Pick” farm for blueberries since 2011; with NO chemicals used. The blueberries take approximately 4 years to mature before producing fruit. Blueberry season begins in July, and are expected to last approximately 2 more weeks (2nd week in August).

In addition to blueberries, Clem and Carol also raise Dexter Cows. They raise about 20 cows on their farm at a time. This is a select breed of cow that produce high quality meat. Both Clem and Carol are members of American Dexter Cattle Association. This association promotes healthy and humane guidelines for raising the animals, as well as leadership in promoting future farmers to be involved in learning how to continue to be good stewards of farming. They also provide scholarships to students who are actively involved in chores and activities in agriculture.

Nirosky’s Morning Star Farm also harvest fresh honey from their very own hives on premise on the farm. You can also purchase chickens and eggs in addition to the beef and honey!

Two cows are eating hay out of a black food bin in a farmyard. One cow has its head down while the other is looking up. The bin is located on a dirt ground and there is a fence in the background.

This is a family-oriented farm, encouraging families to come and not only participate in the “You Pick” but also see live animals, and get educated on farm life… if you’re lucky the animals may be out for interaction!

Please call to check the availability on their eggs, honey, chickens, and beef; 216-403-1159. Morning Star Farm is open Monday-Wednesday & Friday 8:30-6; Thursdays 8:30-7:30; Saturday 8:30-1; CLOSED on Sundays. For any additional questions or information, check out their Facebook page Nirosky’s Morning Star Farm!

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