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Prevent Distracted Driving – Commercial Auto Insurance


How Commercial Fleet And Delivery Drivers Can Prevent Distracted Driving

As a commercial fleet driver or delivery driver, you know that it can be hard to pay attention to the road day and night. After all, you spend most of your time behind the wheel making thousands of miles to deliver goods to grocery stores and businesses.

The truth is that these drivers have gained even more work during the coronavirus pandemic. With most people preferring to stay at home and get their products delivered to their doorstep, it is crucial that these drivers prevent distracted driving.

Tips On How Commercial Fleet And Delivery Drivers Can Prevent Distracted Driving

#1: Always Keep Your Eyes On The Road:

While this may be easy to comply with during a small drive, we can’t say the same when you have a long drive ahead of you. No matter if you get distracted by billboards, buildings, other vehicles, or even people, it’s important to always keep your eyes on the road.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid using your phone when you are driving. No matter if someone is calling you or you just got a new text, you should avoid using your phone. Just one second can make all the difference and put yourself in danger.

#2: Your Hands Should Be On The Wheel All The Time:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, “When you send or read a text message, you take your eyes off the road for about five seconds, long enough to cover the length of a football field while driving at 55 mph.” Unfortunately, many drivers continue to do so even though they know that it is also illegal.

Whenever you need to take a call or need to send a text to someone, you should always consider pulling to the side of the road or using hands-free voice assistance.

#3: Store All The Gear Properly:

When you need to make a long drive, you want to ensure that you have all the gear you may need near you. But more than this, you should have this gear stored properly.

The reality is that things may fall when you least expect. But trying to reach them while you are driving is the last thing you should do. In case this happens, you can always pull to the side of the road and pick the gear up. A far better option is to ensure that you have all the gear that you need next to you and that it’s well stored.

#4: Eat Before The Trip:

When you have a long drive ahead of you, you may be considering eating while you drive. After all, it can save you a lot of time in the end. However, when you choose to eat and drink while you are driving, you are putting yourself at risk. After all, you will only have one hand on the wheel, not to mention that you won’t be completely focused on the road.

Overall speaking, you should eat before the trip. When this is not enough, you can always eat at a rest stop as you’re refueling.

#5: Rest Up Before The Drive:

We don’t have to tell you how important rest is when you have a long drive ahead. You will not only pay more attention to the road as your reflexes will be sharper.

When you have a several-day drive scheduled, you want to ensure that you get a good rest before and during the trip as well. When you’re not rested, you’re more prone to overlook surroundings, lose focus, and swerve. These can all lead to accidents.

Bottom Line On How To Prevent Distracted Driving

When you are a commercial fleet or delivery driver, you want to ensure that you have a good commercial auto insurance in place. If you are looking for an independent insurance agency in Garrettsville, you should consider the Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency.

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