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The Village Emporium | Weekly Villager | Villager Printing, LLC


This week’s local business spotlight goes to Michelle Zivoder and her son, Ben Coll, the owners of The Village Emporium, Weekly Villager, and Villager Printing, LLC. The Village Emporium is located at 8088 Main Street in Garrettsville.

Michelle was once an inventory controller and decided she wanted something new. She began working in marketing, graphics, freelancing, and everything evolved.

An image of a sign at the Garrettsville Village Emporium that features the town's name and a map of Garrettsville. The sign is made of wood and has a rustic appearance.

Michelle had an opportunity several years ago to work designing ads for The Weekly Villager and eventually became the editor/owner of the newspaper.

The Weekly Villager has been around for over 40 years. The Villager keeps the focus on positive upbeat information about all the local communities. Read about Garrettsville, Freedom, Nelson, Mantua, Hiram, Middlefield, Burton, Parkman, & Ravenna; just to name a few! Every Thursday over 7,500 copies are printed, with over 2,000 readers from all over the world, including Germany and Hawaii! In addition, the Weekly Villager is recognized by Apple as real news you can subscribe to and read online, as well as in print.

A display table at the Garrettsville Village Emporium features fall-themed ornaments including pumpkins, leaves, and acorns. The ornaments are arranged in a decorative manner and are in various colors and sizes.

Ben handles the digital side of the newspaper, maintaining the website, social media pages, and does the live streaming for the Village of Garrettsville, the Garfield graduations, basketball, and football games. He is also the yearbook advisor for the JA Garfield High School.

The Villager Emporium was never planned — the building was supposed to be office space for the newspaper and printing operations. When fire destroyed the Buckeye Block an opportunity arose to help locals who lost their businesses in the fire. The Villager Emporium was created and opened to give those who lost their business’ in the fire a place to continue to sell and display their talents. The Emporium now has over 88 active consigners. From clothes, coffee mugs, soaps, candles, home decor, and so much more, you are sure to find so many neat hidden gems in the store. Michelle is still looking for crafters for the holidays – always being mindful to not infringe on the current seller’s talents. Visit the website, www.villageremporium.com, or stop in to talk to Michelle about getting your crafts and creations in the store not only is she involved with the newspaper and store, Michelle and Ben print tee-shirts for Summerfest, Non-Profits, and school fundraisers, as well as business cards, banners, and local Garrettsville memorabilia! In addition, Michelle and Ben are also active with the Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard, Chamber of Commerce, YMCA Board and the annual Discover Garrettsville book and promotions.

Michelle’s best advice for local small businesses is to work with and cross-promote other small local businesses. Her favorite part of the job is, it is always something new and different. You never know who is going to walk in the door and what they will need, want, or are looking for.

The Village Emporium is currently open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10-3.

Make sure you like and share this post and their Facebook page to put the word out. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Weekly Villager to get all the positive local news and happenings in the community!

The image depicts two coffee cups placed on a wooden table at the Garrettsville Village Emporium. The cups are filled with hot coffee and are accompanied by a plate of biscuits. The background shows the interior of the cafe with people sitting at tables and a counter with baked goods on display.

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