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Top Insurance Agency – Serving North East Ohio For 105 Years

We are so proud and honored to have received this recognition for our 105 years serving this great community!

Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency LLC Receives Recognition From The House of Representatives

We have received a letter of recognition from the House of the Representatives of the 133rd General Assembly of Ohio.

The letter reads – “Celebration of this prestigious milestone is a tiffing tribute to Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency, for it has achieved a remarkable record of service to the area throughout the past one hundred five years. This fine agency, which offers a complete line of personal and business insurance products, has earned the gratitude and appreciation of many satisfied customers, and its success is a justifiable source of pride and an outstanding reflection not only on the venture itself but also on its astute management, on its hard-working employees, and on the community.

Over the years, Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency has enhanced the quality of life within Garrettsville, Hiram, Windham, Mantua, and Portage County, and it is truly deserving of high praise. We are certain that as this fourth enterprise maintains its dedication to service it will continue to grow and prosper and will follow in the tradition of excellence that has become its hallmark.

Thus, with great pleasure, we commend Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency, LLC, on its One Hundred Fifth Anniversary and extend best wishes for the future.”

Signed: Diane Grendell Representative House District 76

Services We Have Been Providing To Our Community For Over 105 Years

Ellerhorst Russell Insurance Agency LLC in Garrettsville, Oh provides insurance services for your home, vehicles, life, company, and much more. We proudly serve North East Ohio and are happy to make purchasing insurance simple while providing our customers with the coverage they need.

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